Identify your Fridge Seal

1. The easiest way to identify the correct Fridge Door Seal is to find the Manufacturers Plate. This is usually located either inside the fridge or on the back.

Take down all relevant details, including the Make and Model. In some, cases you may need a serial number. If you regularly purchase Fridge Door Seals, you may also know the part number. Alternatively you can take a photo of your Manufacturers Plate and send it via our Contact Page

2. If you cannot find the Manufacturers Plate but you do know the fridge brand, we may still be able to help.

If you can provide a cross section photo (see below) and the outside edge measurements using our How to Measure guide, we will see if these matches up on our database. Providing you know the Make of the Fridge or Freezer we may still be able to match. Enter these details onto our contact page and we will respond as soon as seen. Please note that any photos of the Seal will need to be a cross-section view as illustrated:

Cross Section

If you make a clean cut on the hinge side, take the photos and then push the seal back firmly. This will not adversely affect the seal. You can send Fridge Seals Plus this information via our Contact Page