True Refrigeration

Fridge Seals Plus can manufacture all True Fridge Door Seals.

Our long association with True Fridge Seals means that we can confidentially supply the correct Seal.

True Refrigeration has always been a little more problematic than most other brands because they often have a model number with a few different options of Fridge Door Seal E.G.

The Search Result is giving two in the same profile but they are two different sizes (you would need to select “More Info” for sizes) The 3rd option is very different.

Fridge Seals Plus are confident that you will be able to find the correct True Fridge Seal using our Search. If cannot find your seal please use our contact page where you can message your query and upload a photo if required.

If you have previously ordered a True Fridge Door Seal and know the specific part number, you can search this and you will receive the correct option immediately.